10 Medical And Healthcare Jobs You Can Do in 2019

A lot of children dream of becoming a doctor, nothing more special than saving lives, helping humanity by being there for someone in their weakest.

When these children grow up the amazing paycheck given to doctors is what attracts them the most. A lot of them might envision themselves as one in school labs while using scientific lab equipment.

However, in reality, not every person is able to become a doctor yet medicine and healthcare is a field that is providing jobs at quite a wider range.

10 Medical And Healthcare Jobs You Can Do in 2020

If not a physician, then there are multiple other fields and occupations that are related to healthcare and by choosing them you can fulfill your dream of saving lives.

1.    Radiology Technician

Radiology Technicians are the individuals responsible for assisting patients through the x-ray process. They are also called x-ray techs and radiographers and are responsible to conduct x-rays, manage x-ray and scientific lab equipment. They usually work under a physician and follow the necessary required medical regulations.

As a radiology technician, you can work at the hospital, under doctors who are practicing privately and sometimes technicians also move around with their equipment to provide the facility to their patients. As a technician, the job demands to be on your feet most part of the day.

2.    Physical Therapist

Physical therapy has been in business for a long time and is one of the occupations that is expected to grow in the future as well. If you are looking for an occupation to go in healthcare then you can also opt for a physical therapist as it is one of the professions that will provide financial stability and growth as well.

Apart from the growth and professional stability in this career as a physical therapist, you can have the leverage of choosing your hours and clients to work with. As a therapist, you will help your patients with the mobility of their limbs and joints and with the skills for daily life.

3.    Virtual Hospital Manager

Technology is developing and we have seen it expand its wing in the medicinal field as well and it is only expected to grow. In this case, where telehealth-based facilities are becoming common you can also choose to specialize in virtual studies. Telehealth facilities are usually for remote areas through with doctors and other specialists treat patients virtually.

As these fields keep on growing and more and more hospitals and organizations are acquiring it. It has become necessary to manage them efficiently and therefore, soon positions like Virtual Hospital managers would be required to program all the areas as required.

4.    Dental Hygienist

Another job that you can acquire in the medicinal, specifically dental field is of a dental hygienist. The main jog of the dental hygienist is to clean the teeth of the patients and check them for any possible mouth disease. As a dental hygienist, you will assist the dentists by preparing the patients before the treatment.

The dental hygienist is supposed to the tasks like cleaning the teeth, doing teeth x-rays, educate the patients regarding dental care, assisting the dentist during diagnosis and treatments, and maintain a record of the patients.

5.    Registered Nurse

A good nurse can help the patients heal in a faster and better way therefore not only they should be patient but also be aware of all the scientific lab equipment to avoid any mishap. Registered nurses help the patients understand about their health, educate them and their families alongside the general public about various health issues.

In the few years, like other branches of health care, registered nurses can also experience development in their career. As the demand for public education is increasing and there is also a rise in various chronic diseases.

6.    Nurse Practitioner:

As discussed nurses can help the patients deal with their condition in a more confident and better way. Nurse Practitioners are also registered nurses but they are commonly referred to as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. With the increase in the demand of healthcare sector nurse, these days are trained in a way that they can assist a patient as a physician should.

As a nurse practitioner, you would be required with a good amount of hard work and a master’s degree as this field is concerned with human life as much as a physician. Moreover, as a practitioner, you would also be required to pick a specialization like a midwife, anesthetist, or a practitioner.

7.    Epigenetic Counselor

As science is evolving there are not only many educational fields that are being generated but also various modifications are taking place in the way science was before studied. Epigenetic is a similar situation in which the hereditary changes take place, changing the chemical balances due to external factors without changing the basic DNA.

This is the reason that being an epigenetic counselor your role might evolve comparing to your traditional counterparts. As a counselor, you would also study the role and changes in the genes as well as the various diseases that might be linked with it.

8.    Home Health Aide

There are various patients who require medical assistance for a various part of their lives or after getting to certain age but can’t afford to stay in the hospital. For these people medicinal field has now introduced Home Health Aide, let the professionals like nurses go to the patients’ home. This also provides the patients with the comfort of their home.

Home health aide is found to be a successful choice as it gives the professionals the liberty to choose their clients and even promises an exceptional growth in the career. The education required for the job is at least a high school qualification.

9.    Health Finances Planner

Finance is required at almost every step of life be it something as simple as planning your grocery before spending all that you earn till financing for your health. The insurances already provide healthcare insurance, however, as the technology market is developing so are the treatment method and related technologies.

As availing these technologies at times cost more than the savings of an individual, therefore, the need for health finance planners are soon to arise. These people will help the individual in choosing the saving planning related to advanced treatments.

10.    Speech Pathologist

Last but not the least is a speech pathologist or speech therapists. Being a speech therapist you would be required to diagnose and treat the individuals who might suffer from any sort of communication and swallowing difficulty. There are various reasons that cause speech difficulties like head injuries, strokes, and lack of developments especially in children.

Speech therapists are also considered to experience development in their career as many claims that with the passage of time there will be an increase in various health issues.


In the end, it is safe to say as the time will pass not only technology will develop but there will also an increase in various health issues. This situation will greatly impact the health care department. Hence, apart from dentists and physicians, there are many other occupations an individual can look for.

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