Career options after engineering

Career Options after Engineering:

India is the world’s largest engineer producing country. There are various opportunities or fields where engineering graduates may expand their talent and shine brighter. But most of the time students slip the career track just after graduation due to the blur vision of future. There may be dozens of options where students can step in after their graduation, but with so many choices the confusion of selecting the right one gets increased. Which one to choose, which one to leave?

Well, we have hundreds of career consultancy firms from where we can get advice but from my personal experience, I have learned it is better to sit alone and talk to yourself first before you seek for someone else’s advice. Find out where your interest lies, in which field you want to really put your efforts and hard-work and what you enjoy the most as a profession. You know, finding these answers are so important that if you skip them you may end up living a frustrated professional life making your personal life unbalanced too.

So what are the right options for engineering? Well, what will be right for you none but only you know that. In this article, I will be explaining you some streams or fields you can choose from according to your interest. So let’s have a positive start.

Career options after engineering

Career Options After Engineering

  • Go for further studies
  • Go Abroad for MS
  • Joining MBA
  • Go for An Internship
  • Getting A Job In Your Field
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Short Term Courses
  • Governmental and Non-Governmental Banking Sectors
  • Going to ONGC And Other Public Sector Organizations
  • Prepare for Civil Services

Go for an M.Tech degree and Ph.D

If you are a bookworm or someone who has found interest in gaining higher knowledge, you can continue your studies for and Ph.D. You can give yourself few more years and continue your studies if you feel you aren’t ready for the professional industry. Keeping your studies continue will take a better position as a professor or researcher. You will gain more knowledge and degrees step by step and gradually will set your career.

But from my experience, I want to include that, if you are not willing to see yourself as a professor or researcher, and Ph.D. is definitely not for you. M.Tech adds very less value without Ph.D. For an example, if you are a computer guy who has completed his/her and applying for the job in the IT sector, in that case, you will be competing with same people of 2 years of your extra hard-work won’t increase your value in a highlighted way.

So make sure you are choosing this decision keeping future goals in your mind.

Go Abroad for MS

For pursuing higher study abroad, first, you need to choose one or maybe two countries priority wise. Different countries have different requirements, so don’t try for many countries. For applying in Germany, you need to know German, like this, there are different requirements of different countries.

You will have to appear for GRE general test which is the first basic criteria which decide your University. After getting GRE score, you can start applying according to the cut-offs.

Now, if you want to go to US then TOEFL is required. For Europe & Australia, IELTS is required. Choose among this according to your desired country.

Now the main deciding factor comes, that is your profile. You need to build a strong profile which will decide your entry to University. Your profile should contain good academic records, research works & publications, internships, skills, LOR etc. There you will have to prove yourself eligible for them to take admission.

For going abroad, you should be prepared with the expense according to the country. ex USA we need around 50 lacs. Germany, we need 15–20 lacs as German Universities abolished tuition fees even for international students.

Further, I would recommend you to go to a good consultant who can help you.

Joining MBA

Joining MBA has become a trend nowadays. Following trends for your career can be very harmful. Make sure you know why you are choosing MBA and what you want to do in future.

It is a management field where none of your engineering knowledge will be much required. Yes, you can say you are switching your career from a tech guy to a management guy. MBAs are responsible doing very high-level management jobs and get healthy for the huge amount of salary.

It has a high demand in the market and you can definitely go for it if you are willing to build your career as an MBA professional.

Go for An Internship

This one is another efficient option. If you are totally confused about your next step, I guess joining as an intern will be best for the moment. In this case, you will get hired for a period of time to work for a company and they may hire you further if you reflect a satisfying vibe. Thus you will know about the work culture of your field and it will be easier for you to choose if you want to build your career in this field or you want to switch.

Getting A Job In Your Field

A large number of people steps towards the job market for building their career in engineering. Nothing wrong with it, just remember, if you are skilled enough, knowledgeable enough, hard-working enough, this choice can take to the sky high. The ‘Lack of Job’ rumor suits only for the unskilled, less hard-working persons. So if you got the skill or even if you are willing to build and grow your skills, this is the best choice.

Fun fact: Only 30% of engineers are interested in a technical job in their core field.


Yes, it is great. The start-up culture is growing rapidly in the recent time and if you are one of them, trying to build your own organization, I will suggest you to definitely step forward. But make sure you are putting all your hard-work with sufficient knowledge and not just sitting and dreaming to work from tomorrow.

If you are lazy and putting everything on ‘tomorrow’, do not have enough knowledge, find the excuse in everything without solving the actual problem, then my friend you should skip your idea of building a start-up. It is harder than you are assuming.

But for the right guy, this option will be the best suitable and satisfying.

Short Term Courses

There are several short-term courses and diploma courses you can go for after your B.Tech. It can be a certificate course in ethical hacking, technology, VLSI, robotics, protocol testing, machine designing etc. or a diploma program in any specific field. Such courses are usually job oriented and assist as a bridge between what you know and what the industry demands you to know in order to grasp you into their organization.

Governmental and Non-Governmental Banking Sectors

I hope this one is well-known to all of us. Bank sectors are filled with engineers. If you are willing to work a banking professional you can prepare yourself accordingly. A dedicated and devoted hard-work of a year or twice will be sufficient to crack any of the banking jobs out there. We are smart enough, aren’t we?

Grab those banking books, practice mock tests, solve previous years questions, work hard and success will be yours without any doubt.

Going to ONGC And Other Public Sector Organizations:

These public sectors jobs will be needing higher GATE marks to be cracked. If you can crack the GATE with huge marks you will definitely get the job. With a lot of facilities, these jobs are loved and dreamed by thousands.

I hope I have enclosed enough options in this article but there may be few left too. As we say ‘Life is uncertain’, you never know what is waiting for you to the next step. So be positive, work hard and shine brighter.

Prepare for Civil Services

Bureaucratic positions never lose its charm, come what may. No doubts it’s a tough cookie to crack but only students like you become successful IAS, IPS, IES officers. If you want to come in the main streamline then go for IAS and if you are interested in engineering services profile then go for IES

If you have any confusion or queries related this, must comment below. We will try to give you the best solution possible.

By SatishReddy Venkannagari

Satish Reddy V is a Cyber Security Engineer at a reputed MNC and blogs at Freshers360. I am passionate about Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security.

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