coping with job search stress

Coping with Job Search Stress

The stress of searching for a job can be quite overwhelming. It could even pave the way to anxiety and frustration, causing you to perform poorly in every interview you attend. This is why it’s so important to learn how to cope with the stress of job search.

coping with job search stress

Here are five ways by Wonderlic Test Prep through which you can cope with job search stress:

  1. Create a schedule and make ample time for your job search

While it is advisable to take up other gigs as you search for your dream job, these gigs can be so demanding that you keep postponing your job search. You could even start believing that your dream is too unreal to achieve. To stay on track, set apart some time to review and apply for job posts. Actively searching for your dream job will help you stay on course – you’ll have a clearer picture of what career you really desire to venture into.

  1. Tweak your search strategy

Create a well-thought strategy while searching for a job. Allow a realistic time period from when you begin the search to when you get the job. When making your plans, ensure that you choose a career line that will not frustrate you a few years after employment. Keep reminding yourself to be realistic. Understand that you will not be accepted by every company that interviews you and that lots of people are searching for the exact same position you’re looking for. A healthy, ambitious and positive search strategy will go a long way into helping you cope with the stress.

  1. Manage your anxieties even after multiple rejections

Your anxieties will reduce when you start taking care of yourself properly. If you desire to stay balanced physically and emotionally, eat a healthy balanced diet, get adequate sleep and engage in physical exercise. Coupled with a positive mind, adopting a healthy lifestyle will help keep your anxieties at bay. Avoid pondering over constant rejection regardless of how many times you face it. Embrace courage and let these rejections increase your ambition.

  1. Maintain a positive attitude

You’ve probably met a person who reminded you about the power of having a positive mindset. Adopting and maintaining the right attitude works wonders. While you could be feeling quite frustrated, ineffective and stressed out, choose to focus on the positive aspects. For instance, instead of feeling inadequate after being rejected, utilize this experience as a learning period and internalize all the feedback you get to better your position. If it helps, adopt some positive reassurances such as ‘things will get better’, ‘I can do this’ or even the cliché ‘there will be light at the end of the tunnel’.

  1. Get support from loved ones

Often, family and friends are the most reliable source of support. You could be feeling frustrated that you’ll fail them in your fruitless job search. However, let go of the pressure. Share the frustrations, rejections, and mistakes that you have been experiencing with your loved ones. You never know – a friend could be willing to introduce you to some potential employers or get you an interview somewhere. Even when your loved ones cannot offer a solution, they’ll still be willing to support you emotionally and morally. This allows you to view life from a clearer perspective. When you finally land that job, it will be a victory for them as well. In case you don’t have a reliable person to talk to, you can consult an online therapist from online therapy sites like BetterHelp.

Remember the five critical steps to coping with stress, as explained above. Work with an active search schedule and come up with a working strategy. Don’t be weighed down by rejections – it’s all part of the process. Adopt a positive attitude and derive support from your loved ones.

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