is grammarly premium worth it for students


Grammarly is a tool used for automated grammar and writing revision for all types of writing works. It will correct your work and provide you the alternate suggestions that can take your writing skills to the next level. It corrects over 250 types of grammatical errors within no time.


Currently, it offers a free as well as a premium plan to its users. In case you don’t want to pay for its service, you can sign up and choose the free plan which can be used in your browser after downloading and installing it as an extension.



If you want an answer, in short, yes, it is surely worth it. Continue reading if you want to know the real worth of the tool.

If a writing work is not correct regarding grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes, etc., its quality is ruined. Writing works, but it also helps the freelancers, students, bloggers, ghostwriters, e-book writers, etc. to communicate with their clients, since most of the communication part is done through email nowadays. Additionally, if you want to work as a writer for someone, you will be judged by your communication skills. In case you left some mistakes in your e-mail or online chat, it will leave a feeble impression on the client.

Not only the Grammarly is legitimate, but it also helps the students, bloggers, and others legitimately.


Grammarly Free vs Premium Version

Again, yes, it will be a good investment if you are planning to purchase the premium plan. If you are still not sure about it, first go for the free version to give it a try.

One big reason to buy the paid version instead of continuing with the free one is that it doesn’t work on MS Word. Copying and pasting your work from the Word file to the browser and again taking it back to your document is very time-consuming. With Grammarly premium, it works in the MS Words as an add-on. You will be able to see the green icon in the toolbar.

Other Reasons Which Make Grammarly Premium A Must Have Tool For Bloggers and Writers!

  • Checks more advanced mistakes.
  • Checks 100 + more mistakes than the free version which is great
  • Checks the plagiarism as well.
  • Enhances the vocabulary
  • Checks the genre-specific styles.


 Grammarly price plans Review

grammarly plans


You don’t have to pay a single penny if you are using the basic version. However, for the premium plan, you need to pay $29.95/month. You can save money if you are willing to pay quarterly or half-yearly or yearly. If you pay quarterly, the cost will come down to $19.98/month. Moreover, this cost can be further reduced to $11.66/month by choosing the annual plan.


Grammarly bills itself as the most accurate grammar checker. How true is it? Let’s find out. Of course, it is much better than your typical checker since it scans for more than 150 advanced grammatical rules. Additionally, the spellings and contextual errors are checked by Grammarly as well. However, we cannot expect any tool to work with 100% accuracy, and Grammarly falls in the same category. There will be some errors caught by Grammarly on which you won’t agree with the tool sometimes. But, it is much better than the other tools available and works much more accurately than them. Even the built-in grammar checker of the MS word cannot compete with Grammarly. Just write a paragraph and compare the errors caught by the Grammarly tool and the grammar checker of the MS word, you will get to know the difference yourself.


Whether you are a blogger or a student, you have to admit that sometimes you make mistakes while writing. This is the reason the Grammarly tool is not less than a boon for bloggers and students. For a blogger, it is the most important thing to publish the language in the perfect manner to leave a good impression on the reader. On the other hand, there are many tasks that students can do, like writing essays, speeches, and other works without any mistakes, which will also help them to improve their grammar. They will learn many grammatical rules simply by using the tool continuously. Everyone would agree that we learn better when we do it practically than just by reading. Accordingly, it will help the students in their works and become bright students.

Try Grammarly for free

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Grammarly can be used with MS word or as an online dashboard, similar to google docs. Additionally, it can also be installed as a plugin on the chrome browser. If you are using it as a Chrome extension, you can log in and check your work online. You can paste your work on the dashboard or start writing. The errors will be pointed out with the red underline. Just click on the line below, and you will be provided the suggestions to replace the error. Moreover, the tool will also provide detailed information on the grammatical rule you made a mistake.


When I finished the article and pasted it on the website, Grammarly caught 21 errors. Now, I am confused about whether to be happy that all the errors were corrected before publication or sad for my writing skills. I am happy that the Grammar Nazis from Oxford will not lose their mind now. If you haven’t tried the tool yet, Jokes apart, install it immediately, and it will surely come out as a handy tool for you.


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