How to become an Air Hostess or Flight attendant?

looking for a guide, How to become an Air Hostess? If yes, this article will be of helpful to you. This guide has been crafted keeping the needs of air hostess career aspirants and enthusiasts in mind. This step-by-step guide for Air Hostess covers everything you need to know about becoming an air hostess in India. 10+2 passed students, Diploma holders, as well as graduates, may make use of this guide to set career goals!

To become an Air hostess one needs to take training from an aviation/ hospitality academy. There are numerous aviation and hospitality training institutes in various cities of India, of which some are good, some are bad. A candidate who seeks a real career in aviation industry should be cautious while selecting a training institute and course.

Air hostess job is not only high paying job but also good career option for travel lovers

Mostly women choose the career of air hostess but those men who choose the career are called ‘Stewards’.

An Air Hostess can be later on promoted as Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Attendant. Air Hostess has an average career span of eight to ten years, later she can move to the ground duties which include the job of a Check Hostess, training of air hostess, Ground hostess or work with the management level.

how to become an air hostess

Air hostess/Cabin Crew Qualification/Eligibility

Educational Qualification for Air Hostess Course

10+2 passed is the minimum educational qualification required. Airlines usually prefer Graduates or Diploma holders. Graduates possessing Degree or Diploma related to the fields like Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Management, Aviation and Aviation Management are preferred by Airlines!

Along with the educational qualifications mentioned above, candidates must also satisfy the below mentioned physical and medical standards too-

Age Limit: Candidate age limit within 17 years to 26 years.

Height: Minimum 5 ft and 2 inches with balanced weight.

Status (Martial): Unmarried

EyeSight:- Normal eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected in both eyes.

Language: Hindi, English and any other foreign languages.

Complexion: Clear Complexion.

Other conditions: Medical Fit, Having Indian Passport.

Best Skills and Requirements to become an Air Hostess

Pleasing personality

One has to win over the individual one is dealing with. A salesperson, for example, has to sell his or her product. By being pleasant and cordial he or she is able to build a good rapport. He or she is in a better position to strike a deal. After all, the client is impressed by the behavior of the salesperson and feels he or she can trust him or her.

Positive attitude

If you constantly say “I can not” you could convince yourself that it’s true. Replace negative words with positive ones. Tell yourself that you do everything possible to have a happy relationship, tell yourself that you do everything possible to have a brilliant career, tell yourself that you do everything possible to keep you in shape.

Pleasant Voice

Ever find yourself unpleasantly surprised by listening to someone you admired but had never heard speak before? That happened to anyone. It was thinking of attending an upcoming conference and—since we are speech coach—was interested in the public speaking skills of the keynote presenters. But we were little shocked at what I heard when we found the first speaker online

Language proficiency

This is what we are thinking too, that there aren’t too many crew members who speak more than languages. That must be an advantage for someone like yourself. We are in possession of languages (English, Hindi and much more)

 In addition to above skills below are also important to success in this career

  • Confident
  • Pleasant & friendly personality
  • Team worker
  • Patience
  • Good appearance
  • Sense of Responsibility
  • Presence of mind and initiative
  • Flexibility in working unusual hours

Duties of an Air hostess

  • Welcoming passengers on board
  • Help them finding their seats
  • Arrangement of hand baggage
  • Making Important Announcements
  • Intimating passengers about safety procedures

 Air Hostess Training Course Content:

Various Air Hostess Training Institutes in India have included in their course content subjects like aviation management, cabin crew training, airport management, computerized ticket reservation system, money changing, car rental, passenger insurance, airline customer service, ground handling, flight dispatch, in-flight management, hospitality, and catering, etc.

Training also includes some other non-academic skills development like grooming and personality development, effective communication, announcement, security awareness, first aid, and swimming.

Courses should comply the following International standards:

  • IATA/UFTAA International Travel & Tourism Training Program
  • IATA/FIATA International Cargo Agent Training Program
  • IATA Aviation Distance Learning program

Director General of Civil Aviation norms

Courses for Air Hostess / Cabin Crew /Flight attendant

Airhostess Institutes offer 3-4 years undergraduate degree programmes to 6 month long certificate programmes.

If you are serious about pursuing your career as an Air Hostess, then you must join for a course depending upon your educational qualification.

Degree Courses

  • B.Sc Aviation & Hospitality Management
  • B.Sc in Airhostess Training
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management

Diploma Courses in:

  • Air Hostess Training -2 year
  • Aviation and Hospitality Management-2 year
  • Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management-1 year
  • Global Aviation and Hospitality Management-1 year

Certificate Course:

  • Aviation Management
  • Air Hostess/Flight Purser Training
  • Aviation and Hospitality Services
  • Night Rating
  • Aviation Hospitality & Travel Management
  • Hospitality Travel and Customer Service
  • International Airlines and Travel Management

Best Companies for Air Hostess / Cabin Crew /Flight attendant

  • Air India
  • Vistara
  • SpiceJet
  • IndiGo
  • Jet Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Emirates Airlines
  • Qatar Airways
  • British Airways
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Alliance Air
  • Go Air
  • Gulf Air
  • Singapore Airlines

Air Hostess Salary

Airline Company Monthly Salary
Spicejet 35500
Air India 42750
Vistara Airlines 30050
Air IndiGo 33750
Jet Airways 36455
GoAir 31175
Jagson Airlines 28450


Job Category Annual Salary
Flight Attendant Rs.480,000 to 675,000
Senior Air Hostess Rs.550,000 to 825,000
Ground Attendant Rs.504,000 to 735,000
Cabin Crew Rs.504,000 to 702,000
Customer Service Agent Rs.360,000 to 432,000

Male Air Hostess

Men can also become part of the aircrew just like women. This whole article applies to men in the same way as it applies to women.

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