Entry Level & Experienced Social Worker Resume Examples

A social worker’s resume should reflect experience in social work. This is an important factor as people looking to hire you for social work will want to know about how you have handled such responsibilities in the past. Present your resume in a well-organized and structured manner. Your resume structure should follow like this:

  • The objective in applying for this job position
  • Contact Details
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Overall experience in Job Summary
  • Your Past Work Experiences

Social work demands knowledge of the environment in which you will be working, that is you must have field experience and must be aware of the social issues you are likely to encounter and have a program for addressing such issues.You should bring out your educational qualification in social work. People looking into your resume will expect this. It is important to have a well-worded objective in your resume because those looking into hiring you will want to know your motivation to take up social work. Social work is a job that demands, patience and the ability to communicate well in an environment that does not really meet up to standards. You must present yourself as someone capable of handling this.Your job summary details must give an overall picture of your experience in social work as this is of much importance to those seeking to hire you. Social work demands excellent communication skills and the ability to blend with the environment in which you have to work, in order to achieve set social work objectives. You should reflect your personality in this manner so that those reading your resume will consider you as someone suitable to hire.Past work experiences need to be brought out in bulleted points as your arenas of social work will become visible and the various tasks that you have undertaken and their outcome will be well-explained to those wanting to see your breath of experience. This is the place where you can really make an impression as you are going to bring out interesting facts on actual fieldwork. Make sure to keep it crisp and well-worded. You should clearly mention your contact details and make sure to include spacing between each line of contact information you put into the resume. This makes it easier for those wanting to contact you to reach you for an interview call.

Social Worker Career Objective Examples

Social Work aims to maximize the development of human potential and the fulfillment of human needs, through an equal commitment to Working with and enabling people to achieve the best possible levels of personal and social well-being.

  • Seeking a position as a school social worker at Company X to apply my university education, and listening and problem-solving skills.
  • To obtain a position as a social worker at Company X to help aid children and adults in low-income areas.
  • To earn a position at Company X that enables me to work first-hand with the underprivileged youth of the community.
  • Looking for a position as a social worker at Company X to apply my years of experience in clinical psychology to help the mentally disabled and their families.
  • Professional with expertise in hospice care and social work seeks employment at Company X to help maintain a healthy environment for patients and their families to help them cope with their situation.
  • To use my knowledge of psychology and sociology to improve the lives of clients by offering them peace of mind and solutions to any type of condition, either mental or physical, that ails them.

Experienced Social Worker Resume

Refer below resume for professional and experienced resumes

Professional Social work resume

The resume for a social worker should focus on trying to solve all kinds of social problems. He should try to work for the betterment of society.

Mari D Ashby
1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
Wycliff, Dallas
TX 75219


  • Looking for a position in an organization where I can utilize my experience as a social worker. Seeking for a position in an organization where I can serve the society. Looking for a position where I can learn new things and that can provide me new challenges.


  • Working as Senior Social Worker for Child Health Care Department in Florida since March 2004. Work involves researches on the health issues and policies of children. Conducting research on how to improve thehealth care for children. Work also involves raising fund for United Nations Population Fund.
  • Have worked from March 2001-February 2004 as Social Worker for United Nations Foundation in Columbia. Had been responsible for raising funds for the organization. Had been responsible for providing advices to adolescent girls and boys. Was responsible for counseling families in distress and help them to come out of their problem.
  • Have worked from 1996-2001 for Jewish Family and Children Services as Junior Social Worker in Los Angeles. Was responsible for assisting the Senior Social Workers in developing the curriculum for Life Skill Program for the new students. Have also assisted the senior social workers in various counseling programs. Was responsible for raising funds for the organization.

Educational qualifications:

  • Completed Masters of Social works from Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY in the year 1995. Secured 82% marks.
  • Finished BS in Human Development from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA in the year 1993. Secured 80% marks.
  • Completed Diploma in Computer Application from the Institute of Computer Application, Dallas in the year 1996. Secured 81% marks.

Computer literacy:

  • Have knowledge of MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Power Point.
  • Have knowledge of Internet.


  • Can work under pressure.
  • Good interaction skills.
  • Can provide unique solutions to social problems.
  • Confident about performing any kind of new task.
  • Can make the best use of the available resources.


  • Gathered extensive knowledge about the problems in society.
  • Gained experience to solve any kind of social problems.v


  • Help to solve different social problems
  • To learn new facts

Why should I be selected?

  • Dedicated.
  • Ready to learn.
  • Experienced.
  • Can empathize with the person in distress.

Expected salary:

  • Will be discussed when we meet personally.

Personal data:

  • Name: Doris D Ashby
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, social worker
  • Contact No. 123-567-8900
  • e-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Present Address:

    Doris D Ashby
    1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
    Wycliff, Dallas
    TX 75219
  • Permanent Address: Same as present address
  • Character: Non smoker, non drinker
  • Hobby: Sailing, travel, surfing
  • Social Security No. ANSP3781


  • Will furnish when needed.


  • I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Social Worker Resume With No Experience

A resume of a social worker should focus on the strategic planning, management and supervision qualities of an individual.

John Michael Haddock
43, Carlyle Avenue Park
Chicago, MA 078341,
(41)-654 9867


  • To work in a reputed Hospital so as to serve the poor and the needy.
  • To work with a NGO affiliated to UNICEF for the development of the poor people in the developing and under developed countries.
  • To work with Help age Organization to care for the old and lonely people.


  • Working with Texas People’s Welfare Association for helping the orphan children, taking care of the sick and the lonely old people, fighting for Female rights and other social rights.
  • Worked with a Private Organization, helping them in fighting for Public Rights and solving Consumer Grievances.


  • Graduated from Paul Quinn College with Sociology Honors With A+ Grade. Post Graduation in MSW from University of Texas with ‘OS’ Grade.
  • Attained ‘O’ Grade Certificate for Social Work and its Implementation in a short term course of 40 days organized by The State Human Rights Department.

Qualification pursuing

  • Masters Degree in HR Management.
  • Completed second semester from University of Harvard through correspondence.

Computer literacy

  • Proficiency in MS-Office suite. Including Visio.
  • Competence in FA packages like Tally 9.0 and FACT.
  • Skilled in database operations.
  • Expertise in MS SQL Server.
  • Skilled in internet operations and networking.
  • Knowledge of Linux environments.


  • Systematic approach to find solutions.
  • Adherence to the company rules.
  • Positive attitude in work.
  • Penchant for teamwork.
  • Ability to work under deadlines and targets.
  • Ability to motivate people to bring out their best.


  • Should have completed the master’s degree before joining the job.
  • Cannot tolerate insincerity towards the job.
  • Have no consideration for callousness at work.

Extra skills

  • Writing on several topics, plan to write a book on the various methods and strategies to develop awareness in the common people about their Rights and Duties towards the society and the country.
  • Penchant for Singing.
  • Have the ability to handle all kinds of job related problems and find practical solutions for them


  • To exceed personal expectations in career.
  • Ensure career growth with the growth of the company.
  • Will always have a professional attitude towards the job.
  • Maintain an amicable relation with all the staff members.

Personal data:

  • Name: John Michael Haddock
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: Feb 16, 1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, Accounts Officer
  • Contact No. (41)-654 9867
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Present Address:
    John Michael Haddock
    43, Carlyle Avenue Park
    Chicago, MA 078341,
    (41)-654 9867
  • Permanent Address: Same as present address


  • Will be furnished on request.


I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Entry-Level Social Worker Resume Examples

Handle social work related to mentally challenged children. Helped them in classroom sessions and spread awareness of program meant for the mentally challenged

Objective: To further enhance career in the field of social work and to bring more changes into various social causes needing public attention

Experience Summary:

  • Handled social issues related to children and teenagers
  • Evaluated and treat children showing ADD or ADHD
  • Evaluated and treated children for behavioral problems

Professional Experience:

Social Worker, July 20XX to Present
Child Welfare, Dallas

  • Evaluated children showing behavioral problems at school and offered condoling to the
  • Offered counseling to parents of children with behavioral problems and other metal issues
  • Investigated Care and Protection Petitions as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Social Worker, July 20XX to August 20XX

Andrew Social Welfare Centre, Dallas

  • Offered counseling for people trying to cope with serious medical problems
  • Offered counseling for parents with disable children on how to help them with their problems
  • Devised programs that brought in confidence for children with disabilities and popularized such programs


20XX to 20XX Vincent College, Baltimore

  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree In English
  • Completed Master’s Degree In Psychology

Personal Details

  • Name: Doris D Ashby
  • Sex : Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, Social Worker
  • Contact No: 123-567-8900
  • e-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Address:
    Doris D Ashby
    1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
    Wycliff, Dallas
    TX 75219
  • Social Security No: ANSP3781


  • Enjoy working in a team and have so thus far in line of work. Can get along with people of all types of nature pretty well
  • Knowledgeable about various social problems and can give good counseling where require. Have motivated people who have come back with positive results


  • To exceed expectations and show positive results
  • Ensure that social causes are highlighted to ensure better community living for everyone


  • Good in photography. Have shown off photographs in exhibits and received appreciation
  • Knowledgeable in martial arts and tai-chi, practice them regularly

Expected salary:

  • Can be discussed later or in the interview


I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Dallas, TX
Date: 3/31/2022