Professional Sales Resume Examples That Landed Jobs

When you are applying for a sales position, you need to bring out ability to make effective ales and your marketing capabilities as such elements will gain interest in your resume. This should be specified in the job summary part of your resume.Present a well-structure resume with organize content. Resume which does not present information clearly is often overlooked despite the candidate having adequate experience levels. Your resume structure should follow like this:

  • Objective in applying for this job position
  • Contact Details
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Overall experience in Job Summary
  • Your Past Work Experiences

Your objective in applying for the job position should be well-worded and impressive and should be a reflection of how well you are able to resent yourself and you abilities to someone, which is a qualify you will be needing in everyday in your position as a sales executive.Your resume must be well-written and should focus on your sales capabilities as your highlights as this is what someone looking out to hire a sales person will want to know.You should bring out yourself as someone motivated and goal-oriented as you will be expected to complete your sales task on time and produce expected results. Your job summary details must show you overall sales experience with past employers and the level of responsibilities that you were assigned. The various tasks you performed must be listed out because this will bring out details on the different work processes that you undertook.You need to bring out yourself as someone you can easily multi task, with good communication skills and ability to induce sales.When detailing out your past work experience, bring out the contributions that you made to the sales department how efficiently and quickly you reached your target and carried out your assigned role. This way your abilities as a sales person will come out.When you list out your contact details, ensure to bring them out with spacing between each line of contact information you put into the resume. This will make it easy to read for those wishing to call you up for an interview.

Sales resume objective examples for Freshers & Experienced

  • Rainmaker with documented history of consistent million-dollar sales seeks position with New York-based web company.
  • Enthusiastic go-getter not afraid to knock on doors, make cold calls, and drink plenty of coffee in the name of making the sale, looking for position with start-up venture in southern California.
  • Established salesman with 20 years’ experience looking to bring my track record of success to established retail brand. Let’s make every day a Black Friday for your company.
  • Twenty-year veteran in restaurant sales ready to help a growing company make it into the big leagues. Industry knowledge, experience, and contacts come with me.
  • Energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to be part of a growing team of salespeople to lead your company into a bright and profitable future.
  • Success-driven team player who works well with marketing as well as research and development departments. Brings understanding of the sales funnel process and a willingness to work with everyone on the team to reach company goals.
  • Goal-oriented and customer-focused team player ready to bring my track record of increasing quarterly sales to the real estate industry.
  • Highly motivated and organized go-getter looking for sales position with plenty of travel in order to increase company reach and territories. Looking to help a growing company expand across the region, country, and even the globe.
  • Outside sales representative with a history of successful B2B closings and contacts seeks new opportunities in Midwest to help a growing company to increase its profit margin.

Sample Sales Resume Example

The resume for sales should be highlighted on the achievement and contribution. The resume should focus on the area of expertise and the knowledge of industry. The experience section of sales resume should demonstrate the track record in sale achievement.

Doris D Ashby
1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
Wycliff, Dallas
TX 75219


Looking for a responsible position in automotive sales management where I can utilize my knowledge and creative ideas. Looking for a job in a reputed company where I can gain success in my career. Also interested for a challenging position in a company as a market leader, where I can utilize my knowledge of sales management, product management, and account management.


  • Appointed as sales manager in Howard Buick Pontiac in Florida in the year 2002. Responsible for reviewing and approving all sales deal with the sales associates. Have an experience of ordering new car inventories and negotiated deals with the auto wholesaler to purchase used car.
  • Appointed as product manager in City Company Inc in the year 2005. responsible for increasing the product line sale. Achieved good reputation by increasing the sale from $8 million to $12 million.

Educational qualifications:

  • Completed B.A in marketing by securing 87% marks in the year 1998 from Jacksonville community college in Florida.
  • Completed MA in marketing by securing 85% marks in the year 2001 from the University of California.

Qualification pursuing:

  • Pursuing Advance Diploma in Computer Science from the Institute of Computer Application, Dallas. Will complete within eleven months.

Computer literacy:

  • Proficient in Ms Word, access, excel PowerPoint, SQL, HTML, dbase and Baan.
  • Efficient in Internet.


  • Efficient
  • Hard working.
  • Capable of working under all adverse situations.
  • Possess excellent communicative skills.
  • Capable of inspiring the junior employees.
  • Capable of utilizing the available source as much as possible.
  • Good personality.


  • Gained experience in product, sales and account management by working in two reputed companies.
  • Have experienced handling adverse situation at times of crisis.


  • Enhance the profit of the company by making profitable deals.
  • Maintain punctuality

Why should I be selected?

  • Capable of working in all challenging situation.
  • Sincere
  • Dedicated to work.
  • Hard working
  • Efficient learner.

Expected salary:

  • Will be discussed in personal meeting.

Personal data:

  • Name: Doris D Ashby
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, sales officer
  • Contact No. 123-567-8900
  • e-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Present Address:
    Doris D Ashby
    1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
    Wycliff, Dallas
    TX 75219
  • Permanent Address: Same as present address
  • Character: Non smoker, non drinker
  • Hobby: Reading, collection of books, Surfing
  • Social Security No. ANSP3781


  • Will be given when required.


  • I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sample Sales Resume Format for Freshers

This sample Recruiter resume will give you a quickstart on building an effective and optimized resume for your job application. Visitors can feel free to customize and edit our sample Recruiter resume as per their requirement for job application. We hope that our sample Recruiter resume will go a long way in portraying your abilities and skillsets efficiently.

John Michael Haddock
43, Carlyle Avenue Park
Chicago, MA 078341,
(41)-654 9867


Looking for the post of Sales Executive in a Company so as to improve their Sales Promotion System.


  • Worked as Sales Promotion Officer in Tom Thumb Food and Pharmacy Dallas from 1995 till June 1999.
  • Worked as Assistant Sales Manager in The Fairmont Dallas Hotel from July 1999 till June 2004.
  • Working as Sales Manager in Larsen and Toubro from July 2004 till date and produced a sales record which has been the topmost in the company, till date.


  • Attained BBA Degree from Harvard Business School securing A+ Grade.
  • Obtained MBA Degree in Sales and Marketing from Harvard University with O Grade.
  • Obtained Certificate for special efficiency in utilizing Advertisement for Sales Promotion from Texas School of Arts.

Qualification pursuing:

  • Masters Degree in HR Management.
  • Completed second semester from University of Harvard through correspondence.

Computer literacy:

  • Proficiency in MS-Office suite. Including Visio.
  • Competence in FA packages like Tally 9.0 and FACT.
  • Skilled in database operations.
  • Expertise in MS SQL Server.
  • Skilled in internet operations and networking.
  • Knowledge of Linux environments.


  • Systematic approach to find solutions.
  • Adherence to the company rules.
  • Positive attitude in work.
  • Penchant for teamwork.
  • Ability to work under deadlines and targets.
  • Ability to motivate people to bring out their best.


  • Should have completed the master’s degree before joining the job.
  • Cannot tolerate insincerity towards the job.
  • Have no consideration for callousness at work.

Extra skills:

  • Writing on several topics, plan to write a book on the various methods and strategies to promote the sales of a company and attain the peak of success.
  • Penchant for Singing.
  • Have the ability to handle all kinds of job related problems and find practical solutions for them.


  • To exceed personal expectations in career.
  • Ensure career growth with the growth of the company.
  • Will always have a professional attitude towards the job.
  • Maintain an amicable relation with all the staff members.

Personal Data

  • Name: John Michael Haddock
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, Accounts Officer
  • Contact No. (41)-654 9867
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Present Address:
    John Michael Haddock
    43, Carlyle Avenue Park
    Chicago, MA 078341,
    (41)-654 9867
  • Permanent Address: Same as above.


I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sample Sales Representative Resume Format PDF

Good inter-personal skills and negotiation skills. Able to achieve set sales target and increase company sales

Objective: To gain a position as a sales representative and to enhance career in this field

Experience Summary:

  • Was put in charge of the sales-desk and handled various sales desk activities, such as meeting up with clients, explaining about products and rounding off sales activities
  • Explained to clients about product that will be of interest to them and communicated with them in such a way to induce sales
  • Prepared power point presentations as a way of explaining the sales process

Professional Experience:

Sales Representative, July 20XX to Present, Dallas

ABC Home appliances,

  • Was placed in the home cooling appliances section and handle customer for this section
  • Handled the cash collection for appliances sold and reported on inventory stock
  • Coordinated with advertising persons in outing up ads in home cooling appliances section
  • Made customer aware of discounts that they can get through product purchase

Sales Person, July 20XX to August 20XX, Dallas

Triston Appliances

  • Did some door to door sales for new cookware products
  • Handled demos for product working
  • Reported on weekly sales to the manager


20XX to 20XX Vincent College, Baltimore

  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree In Commerce

Personal Details

  • Name: Doris D Ashby
  • Sex : Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, Sales Representative
  • Contact No: 123-567-8900
  • e-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Address:
    Doris D Ashby
    1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
    Wycliff, Dallas
    TX 75219
  • Social Security No: ANSP3781

Computer Skills

  • Able to adeptly use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Knowledgeable on internet operations


  • Enjoy working in a team and have so thus far in line of work. Can get along with people of all types of nature pretty well
  • Good negotiation skills, communications skills and inter-personal skills
  • Can handle deadline pressure without failing and have shown to come on top in getting targets done
  • Meticulous in work approach


  • To exceed expectations and show positive results
  • Ensure that company’s image and brand name enhance with it’s customers


  • Good in photography. Have shown off photographs in exhibits and received appreciation
  • Knowledgeable in martial arts and tai-chi, practice them regularly

Expected salary:

  • Can be discussed later or in the interview


I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Dallas, TX