Video Game Designer Resumes

If you are applying for a Video Game Designer position, your past experience in video game designing should be brought out in details in your resume The different video games that you helped to design and the software that you send in the design should be included in your resume, to show your technical know how and expertise.

Give your resume a well-organized flow and structure. This will people to better understand the level of expertise you possess. Resume that gives out cluttered information are easily overlooked by people. Your resume structure should follow like this:

  • Objective in applying for this job position
  • Contact Details
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Overall experience in Job Summary
  • Your Past Work Experiences

List your educational qualifications into neat bulleted points. Bring out your technical knowledge in different software needed to design video games. If you have taken up any special software courses, mention this as it will add value to your skills and expertise. This is of key importance to those looking into our resume as it will so how much you know about the software they will using to develop video games.

Next comes you job summary. In your job summary bring out in a brief but an impressive manner your overall experience in developing video games. Technical expertise is a must, so specify your technical expertise here.

You should bring out all your past employment experience in your resume. This will show your overall knowledge in this domain. As you bring out your past project details, state the role that you played in it and the technical expertise that you gained by working in that project. Contributions and awards that you received in your work must be highlighted as this will make you an interesting candidate for the job position and those reading you resume are more likely to call you when you give such details.

As you state your contact details, include spacing between each line of contact information you put into the resume. This will make it easy to read for those wanting to know get contact details to reach out to you for an interview call.

Sample Video Game Designer Resume 1

A Video Game Designer resume should reflect the fact that the candidate is a highly talented individual with key valuable skills. To do so, the resume should highlight key up front skills and list his or her impressive accomplishments in the field. It is the way the resume is presented that gives a compelling reason to the interviewer to give him the job.

John Michael Haddock
43, Carlyle Avenue Park
Chicago, MA 078341,
(41)-654 9867


  • Looking for a position as a producer with a top-notch gaming studio.


  • Worked as a Graphic Designer from 1995 to 1998 with Max Gaming Enterprises, NY., where I was involved in the development of several award winning games.
  • Worked as Team Leader from 1998 to 2004 Ultra Games Studio, LA., where my team was responsible for development of games such as Ultimate Racing, Fight to Finish and Escape from the Rock.
  • Worked with Howard Games, Dallas TX, as Producer from 2004 to 2006. Here I was involved with several new and ground breaking projects.
  • Presently working with Pixel Ultra, Chicago MA, as Manager. Here I am directing a team of 30+ individuals, and am part of a Senior Management Team staff of 100 people. Products published include War Games III for X Box and PS3, and Raiders of the West also for X Box and PS3

Qualifications gained:

  • MS in Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • MA in Economics from Cornell University, NY.

Qualifications pursuing:

  • Post Graduate in Computer Science

Computer literacy:

  • Proficiency with computers in both Windows and Unix Environment.
  • Programming Languages: C++, Java
  • Technologies: HTML, PHP, ASP.NET, Graphic design.
  • Applications: 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver


  • Highly Result-oriented.
  • Strong organizational, analytical and project management skills.
  • Extensive experience in external and internal production.
  • Excellent Organizational and Communication Skills.
  • Ability to communicate with and motivate large teams towards a goal.
  • Wide ranging contacts in the Video Game Production Field.


  • Impatience with schedule hold ups.

Extra skills:

  • Fluent in French and Spanish. Can also communicate in Russian.


  • To exceed my present expectations.
  • To ensure career growth with the growth of the company.
  • Establish my own Video Game Development Company.

Personal Data:

  • Name: John Michael Haddock
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: May 16,1984
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Profession: Secretarial and Clerical jobs
  • Contact No. (41)-654 9867.
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Present Address: 43, Carlyle Avenue Chicago, MA 078341


I announce that the above mentioned information given by me are accurate and true according to my knowledge.

Sample Video Game Designer Resume 2

The resume for a Video game designer should focus on his experience and knowledge as a designer. He should possess good designing and drawing skills.

Doris D Ashby
1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
Wycliff, Dallas
TX 75219


  • Looking for a position as a video game designer in a reputed organization where I can utilize my experience and knowledge.Seeking for a position in a reputed organization where I can learn facts about video games.


  • Working as senior gaming designer for Pixen Intra, NJ since 2005. Work involves co-coordinating and supervising a team of 20 members. Responsible for both the internal and external production of the games.
  • Worked as junior gaming designer for War Games, Los Angeles from 2001-2005, responsible for designing different video games and assisting the senior designers in their projects.
  • Worked as a gaming designer intern for Star Games Columbia from 1998-2001, responsible for assisting the junior designers in their designs.

Educational qualifications:

  • Completed diploma in network administration from Novell Corporation, Austin, TX in the year 1998. Secured 90% marks. Finished MA Psychology from the State University of New York in the year 1996. Obtained 80% marks.
  • Completed BA Psychology from Rose Hulman Institute, Los Angeles in the year 1994. Obtained 75% marks.

Qualification pursuing:

  • Pursuing Diploma course in Database Administration from Novell Corp. Course will be completed within a year.

Computer literacy:

  • Have solid knowledge about MS Office, MS Power Point, MS Excel, MS Access, FoxPro, dBase.
  • Have profound knowledge of 3DSMax, Maya, AutoCAD.


  • Have great designing skills.
  • Can provide unique solution to any problem.
  • Confident about completing the work on time.
  • Good drawing skills.
  • Can work under pressure.
  • Dedicated.


  • Gained sufficient knowledge regarding the different softwares needed for designing a video game.
  • Was awarded the best student by Novell Corporation.


  • Design new video games.
  • Give my best to the company.
  • Be a perfectionist in my work.

Why should I be selected?

  • Great designing skills.
  • Fast learner.
  • Experienced.
  • Dedicated.

Expected salary:

  • Negotiable

Personal data:

  • Name: Doris D Ashby
  • Sex: Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, Librarrian
  • Contact No. 123-567-8900
  • e-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Present Address:
    Doris D Ashby,
    1234 Oak Lawn Avenue,
    Wycliff, Dallas,
    TX 75219
  • Permanent Address: Same as present address
  • Character: Non smoker, non drinker
  • Hobby: Playing video games, travel, and swimming.
  • Social Security No: ANSP3781


  • Will provide when required.


  • I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Sample Video Game Designer Resume 3

Handled various types of video game designing projects and won appreciation for innovative game conception and design. Have won video game designing contests too.

Objective: To gain a position as a video game designer and to enhance technical skills in this field

Experience Summary:

  • Have used innovative gaming design technique and brought out some very interesting effects
  • Used various types of designing software in the designing process through which the designs were very sleek, making for an enriched game experience

Professional Experience:

Game Designer, July 20XX to Present, Dallas

ABC Web Design Services,

  • Created interactive video games which included the use of high quality graphics and sound
  • Managed an entire video game project by planning various design phases and then putting them together for project completion
  • Brought out innovative video game design ideas which were much appreciated by clients
  • Designed a children’s education video game

Web Designer, July 20XX to August 20XX, Dallas

Triston Web Design Services

  • Handled site designing for two E-Commerce site projects
  • Handled flash movie designs for a flash intro to be placed in ac client sites
  • Designed site forms to enable user registration in three client site
  • Brought out improved design procedure that simplified coding and improved overall productivity

Web Designer, July 20XX to August 20XX, Dallas

ABC Web Design Services

  • Designed and managed website for small businesses
  • Designed company logo and was appreciated for the innovative way of handling logo designing
  • Designed sales and marketing material for several company clients


20XX to 20XX St.Stephen’s College, Dallas

  • Completed Bachelor’s Degree In Computer Science
  • Completed Master’s Degree In Computer Science

Personal Details

  • Name: Doris D Ashby
  • Sex : Male
  • DOB: Feb 16,1974
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Profession: Serving, Video Game Designer
  • Contact No: 123-567-8900
  • e-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Address:
    Doris D Ashby
    1234 Oak Lawn Avenue
    Wycliff, Dallas
    TX 75219
  • Social Security No: ANSP3781


  • Follow company rules diligently
  • Enjoy working in a team and have so thus far in line of work. Can get along with people of all types of nature pretty well
  • Can handle deadline pressure without failing and have shown to come on top in getting targets done
  • Meticulous in work approach


  • To exceed expectations and show positive results
  • Ensure that company objectives are achieved and client requirements catered


  • Good in photography. Have shown off photographs in exhibits and received appreciation
  • Knowledgeable in martial arts and tai-chi, practice them regularly

Expected salary:

  • Can be discussed later or in the interview


I declare that the above facts given by me are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Dallas, TX
Date: 3/31/2008

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