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Preparation Tips to Crack Government Exams

Cracking a written exam is the most typical hurdle between the dream and reality of gaining life time success, we are trying to making all this journey with very impressive ideas of preparing for any exam, Most of the written exams specially in government jobs contains same pattern however few have different pattern but this not makes any difference on your exam cracking strategies read Top 10 Best Strategies, Preparation Tips to Crack Government Exams.

Knowing how to crack any written exam becomes easy when you have ability to reflect the tips upon your habit specially in case of scheduling and the routine that you may or may not follow on daily basis. The foremost step is to understand the way you study and does it really works for you?

Once you know your scenario, the SCENARIO on that you want to prepare for exam you feel more comfortable than the following tips from others

Here are some really impressive ideas to make your exam preparation module easy, comfortable and useful-

Top 10 Best Strategies, Preparation Tips to Crack Government Exams

1. first Read the Exam Guidelines carefully

With the announcement of every job vacancy, an official notification is released by the administrative body conducting the written exam for the particular post. This Government Exam Notification contains information relevant to the written exam. Information related to important dates, eligibility criteria, vacancies, written exam syllabus and pattern

2. Understand Written Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Each govt written exam has a special exam pattern and syllabus. Read each instruction carefully related to a government exam syllabus, exam pattern and marking scheme for the particular written exam. It will help you get familiar with the total number of questions, total time allotted, negative marking (if applicable) etc. Once you know the accurate exam syllabus, you’ll be able to focus on the main topics and score more marks.

3. Create your own Timetable 

Once you are familiar with the written exam syllabus and pattern, you need to create a timetable. This time chart with help you put your targets and objectives in line. A planned time chart will benefit in dividing the study hours equally among each section and you can prepare optimally for each subject and all topics.

4. Always Start with the Basic Concepts

Most government written exams consist of Numerical Ability, Reasoning, English and General Awareness. It is advisable to begin your preparation for govt written exam by understanding the basics of each subject. The written examination has a number of questions that can be solved if a candidate is familiar with the basic concepts of the topic.

5. Coaching Classes and Self Preparation Apps

The competition level of government written exams has increased exponentially. Most IBPS and IAS candidates prefer going to reputed coaching centres to improve their level of written exam preparation. The coaching tutors guide the aspirants and help identify the areas where they lack. But a considerable number of working population, who are preparing  for various govt exams prefer self preparation over coaching classes. Proper Self Preparation for exams is possible only if you have a good understanding of the subjects and a reliable study material. Self Preparation Apps can also prove highly useful for candidates who learn and prepare on the go.

6. Revision/practice on a Regular Basis

Revision of concepts, previous chapters, important formulas and patterns for solving particular questions is extremely important. Make sure your time table has a designated number of hours every week for revision. If you are able to apply even 70% of what you learn judiciously in 6-8 months, your can easily crack a government written exam.

7. Create Self Preparatory Notes

Self Preparatory Notes helps increasing your preparation level. You get a better viewpoint of where you stand and where you need to put extra effort. Learning about your own shortcomings will be a great exercise in improving overall exam scores.

8. Expert Supervision

For extremely competitive exams like IAS, it is recommended that you prepare for the exam under the guidance and supervision of an expert trainer. He/ She will be able to guide you in the best way possible and you can monumentally improve your final score in the actual govt examination.

9. Practice, Practice and Practice

Begin by solving previous years exam papers. This will help in mapping out the exam syllabus, exam pattern, marks distribution and level of difficulty of each section over the years. Regularly attempting mock tests and practice papers of govt written exams is important. But the most important task is analysing your performance after attempting each mock test.

10. Be Confident on yourself

For every competitive exam, it always comes down to one thing – Confidence. You need to let go of your worries and be confident about your preparation for the exam. Do not get frightened when you see the actual paper on the exam day. A little faith and confidence in one’s own ability will go a long way.

“Trust yourself. You will Persevere!”

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