With the advancement of technology, IT has come into the limelight with more students wanting to be a part of this sector. Many job opportunities have come up in this sector in the present times.

IT sector is being able to develop because of the introduction of new programmes and software. Professionals love being a part of this field. Placement interviews are conducted in many engineering colleges in India where students seek jobs in this sector.

IT sector has been able to contribute about 54% to India’s GDP. Many fields are arising in the IT sector like ASP.Net or SQL which are getting demanding among students. The emergence of Digital concepts in India brought in to face the growing needs of technology for the development of the country as a whole. Many start-ups have been started in this field, and people in business can grow their business to earn huge profits.

Some Courses Which Are Best For Freshers Are Listed As Under:

  1. Java Frameworks

This is one of those courses which helps to impart a complete and efficient knowledge among students who want to make a career in the field of Java. Java is a software, and this course provides a full understanding of Java and its working. Struts Frameworks or XML are some of the teachings in this course.

  1. User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Development Framework

This course helps one to educate one with best interface production with the use of software like CSS or HTML or Bootstrap, etc. which provides one with numerous designs to give the best. This development comes with ready-made material to design a website in the right looking way.

With the study of User Experience Design course, freshers not only get to know how to make an interface but also understand the need from the user perspective. The companies are always in search of a person with UI/UX knowledge so that they can create an extraordinary website for them.

  1. Web App Development

In this course, freshers can get an in-depth study of the complex and needs technically to develop any program. If freshers are in need of a more reputed job, it is necessary for them to know more about Python or PHP or Ruby, etc.

  1. Mobile Apps

The use of mobile phones has increased manifold, and software manufacturers have come up with new and sophisticated mobile applications. Some of these remain pre-installed or can be downloaded from the mobile app.

A businessperson should be updated about latest technology which can support the growth of the business. This is the main reason that people in the industry are more interested in mobile app developing. Some professionals can design apps for iPhone, iPad, etc. This provides a competition for them to produce the best of goods and services.

  1. SQT Automation (S/W Quality Testing)

It is an essential course where every programming tool is tested on prescript basis before they are taken to production. The software can be tested accurately with SQT to provide efficient work to companies. It covers high in the testing of software.

  1. DBA

Anyone with excellent skills of communication and a passion for new technology should go ahead with this course. This course is a procedure which is fundamental in the world of software. This administration helps in the proper and accurate maintenance of a database which is essential for the development of companies.

  1. DevOps

This course is an advancement of Studio Visuals and how you deal with basic applications. It teaches students to debug Windows and to test mobile applications in computers. Working with the help of XML, it provides a link with XML DOM. iPhones are more in use at the present times which make use of cloud software. This course offers one with adequate knowledge of technology to work with the cloud.

  1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This course is linked to Amazon, and students get to learn to connect Cloud AS with Amazon. Strategies and designs are made to combine both to get the most useful combination from these two. Web services of Amazon are made easier to understand for students, and they find interest to know about it more. All the practices and trends which are in use in the modern world are known to students which help them become AWS professionals in the required fields. Experts of IT take this course to give students’ the best way to design and develop all the services of Amazon.

  1. Digital Advertising

In the digitalized world, SEO, email marketing or Web Analytics are getting more familiar. This is a course which provides one with the tactics of marketing to reach a massive audience with the help of social media. YouTube or Facebook are some of the social media sites in which advertisements of companies are posted to enter a large number of people. The IT technology has made advertising easy and efficient.

  1. Project Management

Being able to do a project means a lot because a plan helps in expressing right ideas and expressions to the world. In a corporate world, a project team enhances opinions in persons, and it takes the project to a significant level. A project management course helps one to monitor and control an organization irrespective of the domain.

Project management (PMP) certificate cannot be found easily. One should possess the minimum qualifications needed for it. He should know the use of a computer, and he should have skills of communication. Basic English knowledge is also a must when you want a certificate in this course.


With the IT sector increasing day by day, it would not be possible for you to match with the world if you do not gain knowledge in IT skills. If you involve yourself in any of the courses given above, you are sure to get a promotion, and there will be changes in an increase in your salary. Employers are in search of people who have more skills and talent. For the right candidate, the IT sector has a lot to offer.

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