Which Freelancing Skill Will Help A Fresher When Finding Jobs Become Difficult

Nowadays, the job search is a very excruciating mission. Newcomers who aspire to be a Programmer, Designer, Blogger, etc. are now in massive numbers whereas jobs are lesser in number and are looking for a job with many approaches.

The System is downsizing, every day so many businesses open up and close the door, and many prefer outsourcing which stands out job seekers in a much more significant labor pool.

With highly competitive market and pressure to be the best, people often go with irrelevant choices in the beginning and then started looking for quit!

Why Choose Freelancing?

Working experience is essential, and if there is no full-time job or you want to acquire new skill set, one can learn and get paid by doing Freelancing! Where a person is self-employed and offers his service and business on his terms. It is a horizon of a wide variety of work. According to a survey, 35% people have freelance careers with an estimated earning of an approx. $1 trillion a year.

Freelancing is flexible and allows you to work in your own set of ours, by working full or part-time on a project of your choice is entirely in your hand. It gives you the privilege to set your price which is often higher than what you can get as an employee doing that very same work.

Instead of taking a usual path for examining the perks of freelancing, let’s take a ride through each step of becoming a freelancer.

The List Of Skills You Can Opt To Become A Freelancer

Websites, IT and Software

Programmers immerse themselves in the programming culture, somehow, seemed, the computer chose them. Everyone has lots of Apps on your phone, computers and the real brains behind them are these coding nerds. There are a wealth of opportunities that allows one to learn to programme a program, web designing, and development, app development, software development, etc. Check Top 10 in-demand programming languages to pick the most demanded language.

You might also get an offer for Remote IT Assistant, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile phones and computing and many more. Start taking up with small projects which are like bricks and one day they lay a more prominent foundation for your career. There are several courses available on the web which can help you in learning different programming languages like Java, Python, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

Blogging, Content Writing, and translation

Use your writing skills and good command of the English language to become a good freelance writer quickly, and it is also the easiest way to earn money online. It’s just you have to grab some writing opportunities. When writing, keep few things in mind like keyword research for SEO, hyperlink your sources, vocabulary, stick to grammar and punctuation, unique content, etc.

You can be a part-time or full-time blogger or content writer. You can work from anywhere. Usually, a freelance writer writes about various topics by researching information and putting them together in his own words. With Blogging, a blogger needs to be writing and updating his content and money regularly may come from various sources. You can quickly promote them on social media to catch an eye of many people.

If you are bilingual, there are many opportunities for languages like Spanish, French, Mandarin, German, etc., including these companies that hire remote freelance translators. There are many job sites which look for location independent translators and regularly posts on their job search boards.

Design, Media, and Architecture

You can help small startups and big companies in creating websites, illustrative and animated videos for branding and promotion, powerpoint presentation, audio and video editing, Logo designing, etc. If you are good in photoshop, illustration, Coreldraw, etc., you can look up for these opportunities. The pay is good, and there is a consistency in work.

Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Data Entry and Admin and much more.

Once you step in the freelance world, you will find yourself surrounded by numerous opportunities and out of those the ones best suited; you can go for that without giving much thought. They pay handsomely, and you get a learning experience.

How Can You Get Paid?

In the world of freelancing, there are specific terms and conditions under which everyone has to work. The Ones who post projects always play by the rules. They have their fixed price or bidding scheme; their deadlines are adjusted, they set milestones, etc. The pay can be per hour charges or can be attached cost project wise.

The Online world is full of competition; your one-second delay can be a winning opportunity for another. People are always out there in grabbing the chance. Due to the desperation of work, sometimes they ended up bidding with minimum wage.

There are many seekers with the same skillset in the ring of freelance work. It’s just you have to stand them out by your right attitude. Before going up for any gig, you must have to come up with a deadline of your own, how much you should charge which should do justice to your effort. All these questions should have answers, and only after that, you can enter the ring.

If you have a skill that is different and very peculiar, then the ball is in your court. You can quickly set your prices at a better rate and can come up with your terms while arranging for the assignment. For rarer skills, clients often kneel down and accepted the seller’s proposal. You have to be sharp in selling your best shot.

Points To Be Followed By A Fresher For Becoming A Freelancer

Look for various freelancing websites and complete your profile by adding skills, work experience if any, portfolio and an image. Remember, clients have a preference for 100% complete profile.

Very neatly and elaboratively, you should write a proposal for a client for whose job you think you fit the best. You should explain why you are suitable and why should he choose you over others.

Many clients are in search of freelancer those who have won Online contests, Coding Challenges, Online skill test certifications, etc. They give first preferences to that freelancer and second to the ones who pitched lesser amount of a bid for their work.

Your profile and portfolio should speak for your work. Many clients look for ratings given to a freelancer and sometimes directly approaches them instead of posting their project online. Always devote your best to your project and should never miss the deadline. Any lousy remark or poor rating is not suitable for any freelancer’s work life. Clients may withdraw their plans from that freelancer or may never approach him/her.

Before starting as a freelancer, you should brush up your skills and acknowledges all the updates. Never mind starting as an underpaid at first until you gain experience. With the time you will gradually grow. Sometimes many clients prefer newbie freelancer because of their in budget rates. Once you start getting positive feedback and good ratings, you will find your charts growing eventually and then bid at higher prices.

Final Word to alert you, beware of spammers! Check for genuine players and don’t burn your fingers.

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Satish Reddy V is a Cyber Security Engineer at a reputed MNC and blogs at Freshers360. I am passionate about Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security.

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