BTECH VS BTECH Specializations

Are you confused about whether you should get an academic specialisation to achieve your technological career goals? Then you must be aware that nowadays, a B. Tech degree is offered across various specialisations. These specialisation degrees offer bright prospects for students to get into different careers.

BTECH VS BTECH Specializations

Graduates with a specialised B. Tech degree under their belt are known to be capable of designing and building outstanding solutions. They can transform themselves into professionals who are proficient in creating and managing enterprises for the development of the global economy. Read this article to know why you should opt for a specialised B. Tech course.

What is a B. Tech course?

Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) is a professional undergraduate engineering degree program, commonly perceived as a gateway to a career in engineering. It is awarded to candidates after completion of four years of study in the field. Graduates who have successfully completed a B. Tech can work in almost all the sectors of technical fields.

The demand for B. Tech graduates is high across every domain, from private to government, big or small, every enterprise recruits engineers in various capacities. Besides getting employed as engineers, B. Tech graduates can also choose to work as consultants, subject matter experts, researchers or take up managerial roles.

B. Tech admission process

Admissions to B. Tech programs take place through a national level or state-level or institute-level engineering entrance examinations. The basic eligibility requirement for admissions to any B. Tech programme would vary from institute to institute, with the following two criteria being same for all:

  • Candidates must have passed 10+2 exam (with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English as core subjects) from a recognised board;
  • Students must also have secured minimum aggregate marks of 60% in all the above subjects combined.

Advantages of pursuing a specialised B. Tech program

The key difference between a normal and specialised B. Tech degree programs is with respect to the course material taught and the orientation of the program. The course curriculum for a B. Tech specialisation differs from that of a normal B. Tech degree, with each specialised course focused on a particular employment sector.

Choosing to study a B. Tech specialisation can help you set foot onto a specific career or plan a specific career path. Furthermore, exploring a specialised area will give you the opportunity to undergo an experiential learning experience, as well as allow you to develop industry-oriented skills. These professional degrees not only helps students prepare for careers in specific fields but also focus on real-world applications.

B. Tech specialised courses are typically designed to help students transform themselves into technically sound and socially responsible engineers. Opting for a specialised program in technology can allow you to become an entrepreneur, capable of delivering outstanding and innovative solutions. Do you have an aptitude for engineering applications? Are you interested in research and want to bring about a change in the world, then apply for a specialised B. Tech program today!

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