Top 10 Security Guard Career Resume Objective Examples

A security guard resume objective is a section in your resume that states your career goals for the role to which you’re applying. It’s typically one or two sentences long and emphasizes both your background and what you aim to achieve in a security guard role.

  1. “Hardworking, highly observant security guard with five years of patrolling and report filing experience searching for a fulfilling role to actively protect the occupants and grounds of the Riverview apartment buildings.”
  2. “Enthusiastic and dedicated graduate searching for an entry-level security guard position that allows me to enforce important policies and regulations to ensure the safety of others.”
  3. “Security guard with 10 years of experience working for various office buildings, banks and shopping centers looking to obtain a leadership role as a security officer. I hope to use my advanced surveillance and observation skills to train and mentor entry-level security guards.”
  4. “Highly motivated and driven security guard with extensive experience activating and using various closed-circuit TV cameras and alarm systems to identify potential threats to a business. My goal is to use these advanced skills as a security guard to survey the Anderson Financial building and provide detailed reports of any criminal activity.”
  5. “Experienced airport security guard with an advanced background in using security wands to keep all passengers, visitors and employees safe. Used my extensive combat and personal defense training to detain any suspicious persons and plan to continue utilizing these skills while on duty at High Sky Airport.”
  6. “Recent college graduate with three years of experience as a Neighborhood Watch volunteer seeking a security guard job with Drineway Shopping Center to grow my skills in a professional environment.
  7. “Detail-oriented security guard with seven years of professional experience seeking a position with Quail Home Furnishings to learn management skills and advance to a security officer position.”
  8. “Courageous and personable security guard skilled in surveilling large crowds pursuing the lead security guard position at Revero Coliseum.”
  9. “Security professional with expert problem-solving and communication skills, enthusiastic about joining the security team at Tryway Office Park. Familiar with surveillance technology and record-keeping.
  10. “Theme park security guard with 13 years of experience aiming to become the crowd control lead at Watertime Mountain. Eager to use my interpersonal skills, attention to detail and knowledge of emergency response protocol to help guests and team members stay safe.”