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Carmel Diaz

Email (O): [email protected]

(P): [email protected]

Mob: +919876543210.


To excel in service industry utilizing my innovative thoughts in client relations & customer support. I seek a challenging career, which provides an opportunity to showcase my talent & experience towards meeting organizational goals, and thereby climb the career ladder.


Hewlett Packard ( PPS CSS Global Social Media) – Business Analyst Lead                               Aug’11 till date


Team Lead:  Ensuring the team delivers quality and timely Reporting and Monitoring on all technical information from the Social Media sources like Facebook, Twitter, and HP Forums. Expert Day Involvement/ reporting, Project participation and involvement. SEO( Search Engine Optimization) – Monitoring HP Forums on Search Engines


E-Awards given for managing the team and not missing any deadlines for reports

E-Awards awarded for assisting in the Summit

E-Awards awarded for working on the Harvesting.

HPCSC Bangalore – 2LS Services Process Lead (Hewlett Packard GCSO EMEA)                             May 10 – Jul ‘11


Handling a team of 10 members, my main tasks involve Quality Performance of the team, Mentoring, Team Management, Business Process Management, Operational excellence, Template Development/Maintenance, documentation Readiness/SharePoint Maintenance, Recruiting and handling Projects.


Hewlett Packard. GSCB, Bangalore                                                                                                                                Jan 06 – Apr 10

TEC PLC2 & PL83 Engineer


Provide 3rd Level Support to HP consumers by offering solutions to problems through Business Partners directly or through the cluster responsible for specific product support. The work contributed to: Incident Management, Problem Management, Escalation Management, Current Product Engineering and Exception Prevention. This was achieved by support of clusters that dealt with these activities or sometimes by dealing with cases or class issues directly.

Main Responsibilities

  • Collect and prioritize escalations, task and activities
  • Manage communication of the cluster with strategic important entities like Product Divisions, Marketing.
  • Provide solutions for problems and requests coming from HP Entities (Marketing, Sales, Technical Consultants, Business Engineers) or HP Partners
  • Manage technical escalation process with divisions if appropriate
  • Provide agents (1L, 2L, 2LE) from Business Partners (via clusters, mentors, supervisors) with relevant expertise and information to be able to provide quality support and thus improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs
  • Provide HP divisions or other relevant HP entities with technical support information and general technological information that will contribute to the success of NPI (New Product Introduction), CPE (Current Product Engineering) and/or NPD (New Product Design) and the business value of the HP product.
  • F2F trainings at Amsterdam (Netherlands) for NPI products) currently Virtual trainings.
  • Increase TEC Team and Cluster visibility towards (potential) internal customers.
  • Create / Update support documents, based on solutions found from root cause analysis & findings.
  • Contribute towards Increasing the TEC Team value
  • Optimization of Team Productivity at cluster team level
  • Group Admin for PLCM tool representing the TEC.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Handling the NTF( No Trouble Found) Reports and implementing actions accordingly
  • Following up on actions for Complaints and tracking the report month on month.
  • Handling the technical part on the Csat report for TEC and Sites.
  • More Focus on the quality and processes by the Sites.

Project Experience

Repair Exchange – Project (Q2- 2011)

Role: Project Lead

Project Sponsor: Kavitha Shenoy

Summary: Repair exchange for customers are causing complaints and dsat, to avoid invalid repair exchanges happening this project will save $ to HP and ensure a robust process is in place.

Reduction in Complaints – Project (Q2- 2010)

Role: Project Lead

Project Sponsor: Kavitha Shenoy

Summary: Initiated an Rfc for a process that was implemented at the sites in order to reduce complaints and focus on actual complaints, saving $ to the company.

Status: Completed linked to Darwin Project

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Improvement Project

Role: Project Lead

Summary: Increase or maintain consistent customer satisfaction scores for all sites. Main focus was on the Technical aspect being able to add potential value.

CSAT Cape town Site

Role: Project Lead

Summary: Monitor the technical quality of the transitioned site based on the Surveys received monthly. Added value by creating a process in place where in the site has maintained good CSAT scores technically.

Transition and Mentoring HPCSC site

Role: Project Member

Summary: Trained mentors on the technical process for TEC team ,  Continuous interaction with the mentors to improve and make the transition a smooth process.

First Time Fix (FTF) Percentage improvement

Role: Project Member

Summary: Green Belt Project was an initiative to improve the receding FTF on Asia Pacific support floor. Main responsibility was to identify training requirement and suggest a new call handling flow for the process.


  • Recognition awarded for co-ordinating TEC activities – TEC new hiring and working on the reduction of complaints H1 -2010.
  • Consistent ‘K’ rater based on performance
  • Chosen as the best performer for Q3 – 2009.
  • Awarded the Outstanding and best performer for H1 ( 2009)
  • Good Opportunity to have a hands on the units for testing both the current products and the ones to be released and there by expertise oneself technically.
  • Was a part for the delta testing of a camera and so tested a camera R837 before its release in the market and gave inputs about it.
  • E-award by TSE/TEC Manager (Amsterdam); for commitment and quality of work toward IPG Consumer Support (2007)


Hewlett Packard. GSCB, Bangalore                                                                                                Jan 04 – Dec 05

Technical Support Engineer


  • Voice support to customers, Handling Technical and Process Escalations
  • Responsible for doing Technical and Courtesy callbacks for the team.
  • Provided assistance to the team members in case of problems, through direct intervention and mentoring.
  • Imparted on the job training to the new hire, Coached and mentored engineers on the floor.
  • Providing Quality and technical updates to the team members.
  • Identified the best practices and implemented these within the team.
  • A member of the Green Belt team for better performance in the Process.


  • Awarded Best performance for consecutive 2 quarters.
  • Awarded Outstanding Employee for customer satisfaction and excellent and consistent performance in HP at the same time sponsored by the company to Visit the Client’s site – Australia (Melbourne).

Iseva Pvt. Ltd.                                                                       Mar’03 – Dec 03

Customer Support Representative


  • Voice support to customers and helped them with various connectivity issues and email issues customers had.
  • Responsible for achieving the targets set for the team.


  • Awarded the Highest Call taker In Iseva 995 calls in 5 weeks.
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction scores.


  • Master of Computer Applications from MKU Study centre, Pondicherry (Madurai Kamaraj University. Madurai, TN ) – First Class
  • Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from First Grade College, KGF (Bangalore University, Karnataka,) – First Class.


  • Attended Green Belt training in September 2010.
  • Completed PBI( Principles of Business Improvement) training
  • Undergone a week’s training for A+ certification at HP
  • Trained on Time Management/Presentation Skills/Project Communication/Risk Management etc.
  • Completed DMAIC training.
  • Attended training on Risk & Communications in Project management(22PDU’s)
  • ITIL certified.
  • Attended training on the Basics of Project Management
  • Attended workshop on PMP ( 34PDU’s)
  • Training on SEO platform


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