Smart Strategies to Work with Difficult People

I’m sure you’ve come across the credit takers, slackers, intimidators too. It’s annoying to work with these people; they’re giving troubles to god knows how many in how many companies out there.

Smart Strategies to Work with Difficult People

But, what can we do about ‘I need a favor from you’ kind? Be assertive? Well, maybe. However, there’s more to how to deal with difficult people at work.

Studies have shown that about 80% of professionals find it hard to work with difficult people, mostly because they have strained relationships with those professionals. 

Getting along with your team is very vital. If things go wrong at work, the pressure your company can undergo is going to be ugly. People will be unhappy, they’ll probably leave the organization. Or, they may create a negative workspace or organizational climate.

Address the conflicts at work with ease because these strategies are extraordinary and full- proof!

1.Set your rules on how you expect to get treated

Take control and be 1005 clear as to how everyone should treat you. Be it sending mails at work rather than unofficially allotting tasks or just the way people talk to you; set boundaries! These days, people need to be told how to behave. 

Pro Tip – Define your guidelines and don’t forget to implement it!

2. Try understanding these difficult people.

Empathy works! Try to look into the issue from their viewpoints to understand the deep-rooted issues. Be a good listener and try figuring out why they are the way they are. I understand that some are just not tolerable; that’s alright. Either be indifferent towards them or understand them; it’s that simple!

Pro Tip – Make sure you maintain eye contact with this difficult human. Also, aspects like mirroring can be looked into and don’t forget to paraphrase their problem. This way you both will always be on the same page!

3.Be strong in your tone

Do not allow anyone to ignore you or dismiss you in a jiffy. Repetition is a pretty powerful tool says Richard Perry and John Cacioppo, two researchers in the field. This does not mean that you have to scream and shout to be heard; it’s more about having a strong tone, sounding simple but, to- the- point and so on.

Pro Tip – You know you’re making a point; make it twice. Sometimes, you can ask the other person to repeat what you just said. This way the statement is reinforced for sure!

4.Keep calm, Always.

Majority of the best – performing professionals have stated that keeping emotions under control is the key to success. They said that signing up for online courses about conflict management helped them. Emotions at the time of stress are pretty common; you’ve got to resolve issues and be active, professional and awesome.

Pro Tip – When you’re in a fit or a difficult situation, make sure you keep calm. Take a deep breath, maybe visit the washroom and just calm down.

5.Work on your body language.

Persuasive body language is the key to being more likable at work. Be persuasive, be fun and be assertive too, if required. Remember, your non- verbal gestures speak louder than words.

Pro Tip – You may end up in a deadlock conversation with someone. Recommend them to go for a coffee with you so that you can bring in a positive shift in tone and modify your body language too.

6.Acknowledge when you see positive change.

According to a Gallup survey found that about 67% of workers whose managers were concentrating on their strengths over weaknesses were fully pressurized and frustrated. When you switch your attention to positive change towards these difficult employees, they tend to get a boost and do better!

Pro Tip – When you observe someone taking a new approach based on your conversation(s) with them, let them know that you appreciate it and it sure is making a difference.

7. Manage expectations of difficult people.

One of the most obvious reasons of conflicts at work is having unrealistic expectations. This leads to frustrations and dissatisfaction. For these people to be clear, you need to know how to be clear with them; get training before it’s too late.

Pro Tip – Ask the person what his expectations are, share your expectations of them; make sure you both are clear and document it all! At the end of the day, you’re on official business here.

In conclusion…

Try to avoid unwanted conflicts. It’s frustrating to constantly being in conflicts with people. Prioritize your issues and set a plan. Most importantly, follow it! Dealing with difficult people in an office may be a hard nut to crack. Using some simple tactics, a pinch of persistence, see the difference in your relationships with people. This is an essential tool for your professional toolbox. 

Control the way you act rather than controlling others behaviors. Keep in mind, someday they’ll find someone like them and realize how terrible they are!

By SatishReddy Venkannagari

Satish Reddy V is a Cyber Security Engineer at a reputed MNC and blogs at Freshers360. I am passionate about Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security.

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