5 ways to make it big after a diploma in sales and marketing

Sales and marketing teams form the backbone of an organisation’s success. The teams work towards developing a brand’s value from identifying the market for a new product through to driving client satisfaction.Completed Diploma in Sales and Marketing ? check 5 Ways to make it Big after the course completion.

5 ways to make it big after a diploma in sales and marketing
5 ways to make it big after a diploma in sales and marketing

Responsible for ensuring sales and profitability, the sales and marketing teams work in sync to devise sales strategies, run marketing initiatives and set goals. If you have a flair for creating new ideas, have excellent communication skills and are highly creative, then a career in sales and marketing is ideal for you.

By studying a diploma specialisation in sales and marketing management, you will develop sales and marketing skills that incorporate the latest practices and understand the functionality of both the departments. Explore the career opportunities after studying a diploma in sales and marketing through this blog:

Marketing strategist

This role involves developing marketing strategies thatmeet business goals and identifying upcoming marketing opportunities that will contribute to the growth of an organisation. The strategist will also develop digital campaigns for brand promotion and driving web traffic. As an end-to-end role, it involves measuring marketing ROI through the number of events organised, leads generated and sales closed.

Brand manager

Becoming a brand manager involves maintaining and developing a brand through several marketing initiatives and communications. Individuals in this role need to work towards ensuring that consistency in branding is being maintained across all marketing initiatives and channels. With a customer-centric approach, the brand manager conducts consumer research and analyses marketing trends to understand new target markets.

Marketing executive

The role of a marketing executive is to develop marketing strategies, conduct market research, understand upcoming trend and grow brand awareness.

Area sales manager

This role is about managing and training the sales team to ensure profitability and growth in revenues. One of the key requirements is developing a solid distribution network for sales; they also create sales strategy and set targets for the team. An area sales manager will also be responsible for monitoring the team’s performance, analysing data and reporting to the regional heads.

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Social media manager

The social media manager role involves conducting research on current trends and consumer preferences and communicating with followers. It also includes staying on top of current trends and technologies in social media applications.

Most of the jobs listed above give great scope for experimentation, creativity and are well paid in monetary terms and incentives. Also, numerous MNC’s and small to medium sized digital media companies offer these roles with scope for growth.

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Apart from a career in sales and marketing, a professional diploma in this field provides an opportunity to brush up on written and spoken communication skills, stay updated with the latest trends and learn about marketing technologies that fuel career growth.

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