Essential Skills to Become a Social Media Marketing Manager

Working as Social Media Marketing Manager or similar designations is very lucrative and prestigious. If you’re already a Social Media Marketing Manager or intend to become one, there are top five essential skills you’ll require.

Generally, any excellent digital marketing course will train you on these essential skills to become a professional Social Media Marketing Manager. However, there’re certain tweaks and tricks that you mightn’t be aware about.

Therefore, here’s our list of top five essential skills to become a Social Media Marketing Manager.

Top 5 Skills for Social Media Marketing Manager

You’ll definitely be aware that almost everyone from individuals to largest corporations on this planet now utilize social media platforms. That’s because social media has an outreach like none other. In fact, social media allows you to cut through national frontiers and reach audiences worldwide.

To capitalize on these inherent benefits of social media, you’ll require these top skills to become a professional Social Media Marketing Manager.

Understand Users of Various Social Media Platforms

The first skill you’ll require to become a successful Social Media Marketing Manager is to understand users of various social media platforms. A lot of this information is available online easily. It’s worth knowing that every social media platform has a specific following.

For example, Facebook, the world’s single-largest social media platform has over 2.41 billion Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Indians are the largest users of Facebook: over 270 million MAUs use Facebook in this country.

Studies by various reliable sources indicate, 10 percent of global active users of Facebook are women between 18 and 24 years age. Over 19 percent males between age of 25 and 35 use Facebook. These are global patterns and hence, applicable to India as well, though there could be slight differences.

Therefore, your social media marketing strategy for Facebook should be based on such demographics. You need to understand users of various social media platform. You can understand users of various social media marketing platforms by doing some online research. This will help you focus marketing campaigns to the right audience.

Create Interesting, Relevant, Engaging Content

Another tip and essential skill to become a Social Media Marketing Manager is to know how to create interesting, relevant and engaging content. Therefore, let’s start by looking at some of the top social media platforms that Indians use.

  • WhatsApp (400 million MAUs)
  • Facebook Messenger (317 million MAUs)
  • Facebook (270 million MAUs)
  • YouTube (265 million MAUs)
  • Tik Tok (120 million MAUs)
  • Instagram (73 million MAUs)
  • LinkedIn (51 million MAUs)
  • Twitter (34.5 million MAUs)

Once you know who’re the main users of these social media platforms, it’s fairly easy to identify their tastes and create interesting, relevant and engaging content. Nowadays, every professional Social Media Marketing Manager uses different content for different platforms. Storytelling is the most effective way to create such content since it can easily be adapted to suit diverse audiences.

Be Quick to Respond to Comments & Remarks

Engaging audiences or customers and target clientele is yet another innate advantage of social media. With right skills, you can easily harness this feature and utilize effectively to become a top Social Media Marketing Manager.

Social media, regardless of the platform, allows people to post comments and remarks almost instantly after you upload content. Indubitably, you’ll receive all kinds of comments are remarks. These would usually range between applause and criticism, questions and suggestions, to name a few.

Responding to these comments and rem      arks quickly is an essential skill to become a professional Social Media Marketing Manager. Your prompt responses send a clear indication that the company or organization takes its customers and target clientele seriously. Furthermore, quick responses also enable you to deploy any damage control measures to counter any adverse comments a competitor or disgruntled customer may post on your social media.

Remember, negative publicity draws attention faster. However, with tacit and right skills, you can ride on the back of adverse remarks to consolidate your organization’s brand or product position. Leaving such comments without a proper response only leads to speculation and can harm your organization irreparably.

Back-Up Social Media Marketing with Blog

Blogging is an excellent way to back-up or support your social media marketing. Therefore, one of the essential skills to become a Social Media Marketing Manager is to learn blogging. You can easily link a blog to any social media platform. For example, you can post updates on your blog website immediately on Facebook or Tweet about it. The same holds true for videos you would upload on the YouTube channel of your organization if you become a vlogger.

There’re excellent online tutorials about how to start a blog. It’s not rocket science. All it requires is excellent writing skills and proper knowledge about an individual, company or brand that you’re promoting as Social Media Marketing Manager.

If you’re unable to blog, outsource articles from known content writers. They’ll charge some money but will churn out excellent blog posts. You can open a blog on your company’s website itself or launch an independent one by buying an excellent domain name, website hosting and other essentials.

Create Proper Social Media Marketing Strategy

And finally, create a proper social media marketing strategy that would implement your above skills to become a Social Media Marketing Manager. You might argue why we’re mentioning social media marketing strategy last on this list of essential skills to become a Social Media Marketing Manager. There’re strong reasons for this.

Unless you’re aware about the above steps, you’ll simply be unable to draw an effective social media marketing strategy. In fact, every Social Media Marketing Manager is expected to draw an effective strategy and allocate budgets for its implementation. Any social media marketing that isn’t based on a sound and proper strategy will run into doldrums, flounder and eventually fail.


Armed with these top five essential skills, you can become a professional Social Media Marketing Manager. Usually, an excellent Social Media Marketing Manager can expect average base pay of Rs.365,000/$60,000 per annum or even more, depending upon experience, skills and employer. These essential skills aren’t difficult to learn and implement.

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