Pursuing a business course is often preferred by entrepreneurial enthusiasts to start or enhance their career. Wanting to study ‘business’ is a little more complex than randomly selecting a degree. Business education is a broad umbrella for many specialised degree programmes such as business administration, business management, or accountancy and finance. It can be confusing to choose the right degree for your business career from a plethora of courses especially when it is important to make an informed decision.

If you want to pursue a career in business, this blog can be a source of help. It lists the most important degree programmes that can boost your career in this field and provides some tips on choosing the right course for you.

Different courses in the business domain

There are a plethora of courses that can launch your business career. Depending on the field of specialisation in business, you can select one that matches your criteria.

  • Master’s in business administration: An MBA degree is the conventional pathway chosen by many students to start or advance in their business careers. This course covers a broad range of subjects such as finance, accounting, marketing, operations and management. There are scores of reputed universities offering MBA programmes. You can choose the best MBA programmes in Canada or any other country as per your convenience or budget. A traditional MBA degree usually lasts for two year; though many universities now offer accelerated study options.
  • Bachelor’s in management of information systems: Some of the trending jobs in the business domain are technology-centric today. These jobs need an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of computer science or artificial intelligence. A degree in IT management can prepare you for the management aspect of different technological roles. The degree provides a basic understanding of business concepts with important topics concerning computer coding and technology.
  • Bachelor’s in marketing: Marketing is an integral component of any business. A bachelor’s degree in marketing can provide you a solid foundation in different types of marketing approaches, consumer behaviour, marketing models and purchasing trends. The course would cover subjects such as social media marketing, e-commerce and public relations.
  • Master’s in finance: This degree is suitable for you if you want to delve deeper into the field of finance. A master’s degree in finance can prepare you for a range of responsibilities such analysing marketing trends, developing business forecasts and overseeing financial statements.
  • Bachelor’s in supply chain management: All organisations from manufacturers to retailers depend on supply chain management to keep their operations running smoothly. A bachelor’s degree in supply chain management can help you secure a high paying job in this field by providing you skills such as supply chain strategy and planning of manufacturing processes.
  • Master’s in human resources: Graduate programmes in human resources can teach you to handle problems involving staffing and recruitment efficiently. Human resources is important for the management of a company’s resources and employees. Hence these courses cover subjects such as human relations management, organisational changes, and conflict management.

How to choose the right degree for your business career?

Here are a few suggestions to help you choose the right degree for a successful career in the business domain.

  • Choose your specialisation: It is important to choose which subject you want to major in at the start. This gives you an inclination of the type of course you should search for.
  • Ask goal-oriented questions: Asking yourself questions associated with your goal of getting a degree. Being clear about your preferences on the type of job you want, the type of organisations you would prefer and the skills you wish to gain will help you choose your degree faster.
  • Choose your electives to match our passion: If you are passionate about a particular subject such as social media, look for curriculums or courses that offer that subject as an elective. Following your passion will help you succeed in your career.
  • Compare the program curriculums: Most business degrees have some components of their curriculum in common. Compare the curriculums of different courses to choose one that focuses on diversity in their curriculum.
  • Check the college faculty and accreditations: The accreditations and faculty of a university is very important to ensure the quality of education in a particular course. Look for universities that have reputed faculty and accreditations.

With the right degree, the business domain can prove to be a profitable career field. You can either choose to major in a field directly involved with the domain or a field that supplements it. A degree might not be mandatory for a successful business career, but it can enhance your work skills

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Satish Reddy V is a Cyber Security Engineer at a reputed MNC and blogs at Freshers360. I am passionate about Blogging, Digital Marketing, and Cyber Security.

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