How To Use IGTV For Marketers

IGTV is relatively new in the game of social media. Creators and marketers are yet to tap into its full potential. Here’s our comprehensive guide to get you started with the dynamics of IGTV.

What is IGTV? Why is it Relevant to Marketers?

IGTV is a stand-alone app for long-form video launched by the house of Instagram. Although IGTV debuted with limited functionalities, it has become a potential platform for marketers. Previously IGTV videos lived on your channel within the IGTV app. This approach to video content was challenging for marketers to garner views and audience engagement. Moreover, the buzz of a new product launch subsided soon when users discovered many issues surrounding UI and navigation. However, Instagram made an active effort to address the problems. Finally, IGTV offers the function to build a video library. The videos can be previewed in the Instagram main feed, and on profile grids. These previews can show up to 60 seconds of a video, and users can click on to watch the rest of the video in the IGTV app. Users can also find out the videos in the Discover section, as recommended videos, and also as notifications.  IGTV can support vertical video, which opens the door for further audience engagement.

These features for audience outreach is extraordinary for any marketer. The additional investment on IGTV for Instagram marketing can undoubtedly boost your brand.

How IGTV Distinguishes Itself?

IGTV launched at a time when marketers are already on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. But, IGTV stands out from other social videos. First of all, Instagram has polished the transition from Instagram to IGTV. Users find it easier to continue watching long-form videos on IGTV because of this seamless integration. Since its launch in June 2018, IGTV has swiftly been adopted into the various sections of the main Instagram app. IGTV specifically supports videos in a vertical format which, tests reveal audiences prefer. 

Moreover, vertical videos mean further ease for marketers. They can upload videos directly via their mobile devices. Unlike marketing on other social platforms, marketers can take advantage of the already present audience of Instagram to increase engagement.

What are the Effective Strategies for IGTV?

You may be already adept at various marketing strategies like using a Facebook ad template or Instagram stories. While you can integrate these strategies, you need to understand the best practices to step up your game in the IGTV.

Put Relevant Info Upfront –

IGTV previews on Instagram lets you showcase your content in front of the audience. Here your audience will decide whether your content is worth spending any time and then comes the part of actual engagement. As a marketer, you will have to make use of this small window to grab your customers’ attention. Hence make sure that you front-load all the essential information like the topic, the target audience, and the argument. Only a proper cohesion of this crucial information can meet the audience’s expectation within the limited window. A convinced audience will make an effort to watch the entire content. Marketers often take the route of aggressive attention-grabbing, which can ultimately fail to match the audience’s expectation as laid out in the preview. It frustrates the audience to the level of unsubscription from the channel. Therefore, only put relevant information upfront while making an IGTV video.

Use Related Hashtags – 

Marketers always need to be aware of trendy and viral hashtags. Needless to say that Instagram has a robust algorithmic formula to curate post following hashtags. It is an incredible opportunity for any marketer to push your IGTV contents using popular hashtags. Attaching related hashtags with your IGTV post is one of the best ways to get your content found by the users. Do not shy away from creating your brand hashtags; it may go viral with the right content. Using an optimum number of related hashtags can undoubtedly increase your discoverability.  

Video Cross-promotion –

Cross-promotion is the easiest and cost-efficient method of integrating IGTV into the grand scheme of marketing. Starting from your email marketing, post your IGTV links across top social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Finding posts on other social media site audience get curious to watch similar content. Cross-posting thus increases your audience engagement rate and, eventually, followers.

Apply Attractive Thumbnail – 

Attracting the audience to watch your IGTV content depends on many elements. An exciting thumbnail can become a peek into the whole story. Currently, there is no provision for adding a thumbnail to your IGTV video later. But, while uploading the IGTV video, you may add a photo or a shot from the video itself as the thumbnail. A video image as a thumbnail may look aesthetically less pleasing, but it surely is an organic way to introduce your content at a glance.

Promote IGTV Using Stories and Live Video- 

You can efficiently use Instagram Stories to promote your IGTV videos. While other sections of Instagram let you preview your videos, you can use multiple 15-second long Stories leading up to the full video link on IGTV. The significant advantage of Instagram Stories lies in its smooth integration within the  Instagram app. The audience who is not familiar with your channel can easily find your brand through Instagram Stories. A highlight reel of your top IGTV videos can be embedded into the Stories for further outreach. Repurposing your Instagram Live videos for IGTV can be another way to market your brand. The spontaneity of a live video can bring elements of excitement for IGTV viewers.

As a marketer, you may test these strategies to determine what suits best for your brand. It is necessary to keep in mind that even if IGTV is a stand-alone app, you should provide a consistent flavour of presentation throughout your marketing videos. It helps the audience reduce the jarring effect of jumping from one platform to another. Moreover, keeping your branding consistent in the IGTV will breed a sense of familiarity in the audience. The audience will trust your brand more and engage.

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