Are you always attracted towards money management and risk analysis? Or are you a Commerce student who is not interested in the typical route of CA, CS, and CMA. Well, next 5 minutes may carve your career life as per your choice.

Finance is the most coveted streams by students & young professional

s and there are many sought after courses which can help you to make the right cut in the industry. In finance, your area of potential clients expands to nearly every earning person on this planet. Who doesn’t need sound advice on keeping and growing their money? You help people to make wise decision to protect their families & their assets and to plan for future.  By this, you are also making a powerful, positive difference in people’s life. What a bonus!!

Another perk of being in the finance sector is that it is diverse and wide varieties of specializations are available. So, we have shortlisted few most lucrative and high paying career options in finance:

Best High Paying Career Options In Finance


 As an actuary, your work would be to provide advice on the adequacy of risk assessment, investment policies and assess the financial impact of uncertainty. The basic work of an actuary involves making financial models mainly insurance policies which involve calculations of premiums, claims, interest rates etc.

You should have a sound knowledge and interest in mathematics and statistics for pursuing a career in actuary. The training and study are intense. But, if you can make it through and do the work, it can be very lucrative.

Potential working sectors – Actuary works in a wide range of sectors, mainly in Insurance, market research, medicine, and healthcare.

Minimum earning – LIC appointed actuary is paid around 20–40 lac per annum. GIC appointed actuary might get paid 20–30lac pa. This is not a rule though.*

Governing Institute – Institute of Actuaries of India(IAI).


2. CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst

The Chartered Financial Analyst degree is one of the toughest to crack but one of the most rewarding certifications as well. After completing CFA you will able to provide a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills. You will also learn ethical and professional standards of the industry.

The CFA® Program is a globally-recognized graduate level curriculum. You can enter in this course in the final year of bachelors and after that. If you are a CFA charter holder, then you are one of the most valued people in any organization.

Potential working sectors – If you want to make a career in equity research, investment banking or fund management, CFA program serve as a strong base for your forthcoming career.

Minimum earning – The minimum pay for a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) is Rs 10 -12 lac per annum.*

Governing Institute – CFA Institute

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3.The Certified Financial Planner

This course focuses on personal finance such as the time value of money, risk and insurance planning, retirement planning, estate planning, taxation planning, etc. CFP course gears career aspirants and existing financial intermediaries for giving comprehensive financial advisory services to individuals and make a satisfying career in the financial services industry.

Currently, in India the number of investors is growing, there is a huge requirement of good financial planners. By choosing this course you can fulfill this requirement.

The CFP certification is also valid in 23 countries in the world including Australia, UK, etc.

Potential working sectors – CFP can work as consultants in banks, asset management companies, insurance companies, mutual fund or even set up their individual practice.

Minimum earning – The minimum pay for a Certified Financial Planner is Rs 6-7 lac per annum*.

Governing Institute – Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB) India is the authorized regulatory body for this course in India.

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4. Financial Risk Manager

Financial risk management (FRM) is a course about managing the risk related to finance. FRM professionals work in identifying, analyzing, controlling and assessing all types of risk, whether credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, business risk or any other type of risk.

This course helps people in their early stages by exposing them to the breadth of the curriculum covering major strategic aspects of risk management; on the other hand, the course helps established professional keep up with the latest trends.

After doing this course your job profile is Analytics Client Consultant, Risk Management Analytics Consultant, Risk Manager, Credit risk specialists, Market risk specialists, etc.

Potential working sectors – This course is suitable for people seeking employment in risk management in banks, corporate, non-banking financial firms and corporate houses.

Minimum earning – The minimum pay for a Financial Risk Manager is Rs 9-10 lac per annum.*

Governing Institute – This course is conducted by Global Association of Risk Professionals.

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This is the most common and popular specialization course you all must be aware of. The advantage that an MBA has over any other format is that it allows you a good all-around exposure to various aspects of finance, whether its accounting, cost accounting, financial modeling, statistics and so on.

MBA in Finance programs typically provide foundational education in statistics, leadership, economics, strategy, and marketing. If you do it from top-20 B-Schools in India, you get to work for investment banks, equity research, consulting and technology firms.

Potential working sectors – You may choose any sector like Banking, Stock market and securities, Mutual funds, Chit funds, Financial Institutions, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Micro Finance, etc.

Minimum earning – It highly depends on which institute you have completed this course and your personal abilities.

Top Governing Institute – IIM A/B/C/L M, FMS / XLRI. If you wish to be on the global stage, then do remember MBAs from Harvard, Stanford.

*Any course doesn’t determine how much salary you make. It determines whether you are worth the salary being offered for the role.


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